As an Aquarius, you are special, {FIRSTNAME}...

You are ruled by three numbers, one of which is the special master number eleven, Aquarius being the 11th sign of the Zodiac.

The other two numbers ruling your sign are determined by the ruling planets that influence you: Uranus and Saturn

These bring in the influence of the number four and the number eight, helping you carve your own path in life instead of walking those set up by others ahead of you.

The master number eleven inspires you to become the most creative version of yourself, so being stuck in a box will never work for you or leave you fulfilled.

Turning that into reality is challenging though, {FIRSTNAME}...

With influences from both the number one and two, master number eleven helps you channel your inner leadership skills, inspiring others and allowing them to shine under your guidance.

At the same time, it makes you crave solitude and space to think and unleash that special creativity you were gifted with.

So balance is important, {FIRSTNAME}. Otherwise, you will feel burned out.

Number four’s influence on you makes you extremely powerful

The organizational skills you get from it means you not only envision beautiful new projects, but you’re also able to bring them to life.

This is an important trait, {FIRSTNAME}, but be careful. When it comes to partnerships, you need to find people as capable as you, whether in business or your romantic life. 

Otherwise, the influence the number eight has on you might affect them.

A true go-getter, you never settle for less than the first prize. This applies to learning, financial investments, and the choice of partners.

Make sure the solitary nature brought to you by the number eleven, combined with this competitive drive given to you by the number eight don’t make you seclude yourself and chase away beautiful, loving people from your life.

Remember, the master number eleven is connected to the number two, meaning you need companionship, {FIRSTNAME}.

And even though you can be a true guiding light for those in your life, you do need batteries to fuel your flame. 

Get those from the neverending source of love the Universe pours in those around you.

With it, you will reach your full potential!