Because Aries is the first sign in the astrological year, it is ruled by the number one. 

And since Aries is ruled by Mars which is connected to the number nine, that number also rules Aries.

The number one is associated with leadership. You have incarnated to lead others in this lifetime, {FIRSTNAME}. 

You are very charismatic and inspire others around you, but make sure you have patience since they might not have as much energy and drive as you.

When you are single, you can thrive when many other people would struggle with loneliness. 

Sure, you want love, but you’re also good on your own, {FIRSTNAME}...

It’s super important that you avoid clingy partners because you will feel smothered and want to leave.

The number nine indicates that you are a big believer in equality and value all human beings equally. 

Watch out for being so giving to others that you end up hurting yourself. No one can give from an empty well, {FIRSTNAME}. 

Make sure to take time out for self-care to recharge your batteries so you can get out there and help and inspire people without being drained or feeling resentful.

This combination of numbers together shows that you have a beautiful giving heart and want to make a difference in the world.

And the main way you do that is through being a fiery leader who inspires others to do more and be more. 

You have what it takes to make a huge impact in this lifetime, {FIRSTNAME}...

But only if you do these three things…

  1. Have patience with those who follow you. They may not have your immense stores of fiery energy to drive them like you do, {FIRSTNAME}.
  1. Take time out for self-care to replenish your energy so you can inspire those in your sphere of influence without depleting your energy reserves. 
  1. Make sure your romantic partner(s) have enough self-love to not be needy or clingy so they don’t make you feel fenced-in or confined and want to run away.

If you do these three things well, you’ll be able to inspire MANY people, {FIRSTNAME}, and your life will have an immense influence on humanity.