{FIRSTNAME}, your sign, Cancer, is strongly tied to the number four, as it is the Zodiac’s 4th sign.

Simultaneously, deep connections with the number two are present since Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon which also rules the number two.

You are a special breed, {FIRSTNAME}, and I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Every time you are responsible for organizing something… anything… you hit a home-run.

Everyone around is impressed by your skills and you definitely know how to own them.

Your creative side blends in perfectly with everything you set your mind to.

That’s why you’re able to bring to life any idea or vision successfully.

But this comes at a cost, {FIRSTNAME}... 

You are so good at what you do that you tend to isolate yourself and take on more than you can handle sometimes.

Your desire to protect everyone else because you can see the bigger picture leads you to become overwhelmed, and sometimes… even taken advantage of…

So, {FIRSTNAME}, you have to pay attention to the behavior of those around you and analyze the true meaning of the compliments you receive on your work.

At the same time, the number two ruling your sign is the main factor leading you to take charge of things.

The number two is identified with harmony, and your desire for everyone to get along and be happy has the potential to become your downfall.

You are strong, {FIRSTNAME}, and you know that.

Your soulful and empathic nature allows you to sense what others are feeling

But the compassion that drives your every action matched with your ability to juggle everything in your life…

Let’s just say all of that might make you feel lonely at the end of the day when the whole world is resting.

It is then when you’re still awake and thinking about how to make the most of the next day for yourself and those around you.

So please, {FIRSTNAME}, take a step back. Allow yourself to reflect on the things that matter to you most and prioritize them. 

After all, you’re a master at doing that.