Being the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, Geminis are ruled by the number three.

Also, having Mercury as their ruling planet, the number five is strongly connected to Geminis.

You are one unique being, {FIRSTNAME}! Being ruled by the number three, you already know your strengths:

You are the life of every party, and everyone loves being around you, no matter the circumstances.

But.. {FIRSTNAME}, you know you also tend to be “diagnosed” with having “shiny object syndrome.” And are often perceived as shallow by those around you.

And that often leads to missed opportunities… in your career, in making new, amazing friends, in connecting with your perfect soulmate… 

So, be careful

The number five ruling your sign has a substantial impact on how you lead your life.

You are a free spirit, and no ties could ever hold you down, {FIRSTNAME}. 

Yes, you sometimes try to tone down your excitement or eagerness to dive into the next amazing thing you learn about just to keep those around you happy.

But... in the long run, you know it hurts you.

You have a choice, {FIRSTNAME}, when it comes to long term partnerships: you either commit and compromise from time to time or you fly solo.
Choose carefully cause it might be the key to your happiness.