You are a strong one, {FIRSTNAME}! As a Leo, you are ruled by the number five since it is the 5th sign of the Zodiac.

But having the Sun’s influence, as Leo’s ruling planet, puts you also under the power of the number one.

What a powerful combination! What a powerful soul you are, {FIRSTNAME}!

Those invisible wings you were born with allow you to fly on any path you set your mind to. Your free spirit helps you adapt to anything.

You yearn for new experiences, for vast and in-depth knowledge, for new people in your life, and sometimes… for a bit of spice in your romantic life as well.

So, {FIRSTNAME}, you need to pay attention

When it comes to a life partner, you have to either choose someone as free-spirited as you or eliminate the idea of “settling down” from your mindset.

As with everything else in your life, there’s not much room for compromise here…

When it comes to the number one being an influence in your life, you’ve seen that already.

You are a leader. Your charismatic nature makes everyone admire you, follow you, listen to your advice, and get inspired by you.

And while you enjoy being praised most of the time, it also frustrates you when others don’t step up and keep asking for guidance.

That’s why, {FIRSTNAME}, you need to learn patience. Not everyone is a natural leader, and some never try to be. 

With those people, you need to be understanding and allow them to shine in their own light.

But one thing you can do is learn to trust - learn to rely on others and stop being a bottleneck sometimes.

This approach will take you a long way in life if you can learn to work well with others. Remember, the Lion leads the pack. He doesn’t stand alone.