The number seven rules Libra since it is the 7th sign of the Zodiac. 

But the number six also expresses its influence, being associated with Venus, Libra’s ruling planet.

Your mind is your most powerful asset, {FIRSTNAME}, and you know it.

You live your life and make choices with the help of your inner voice of reason. Always seeking logical arguments, you are in constant pursuit of universal truth.

You are not bound by science, because you understand its limitations, but you are thankful for humanity’s progress based on it.

However {FIRSTNAME}, you need to tap into your heart at the same time. 

If you don’t, you might lose valuable connections for your growth.

Yes, it is challenging not to see normal, emotional behavior as exaggerated or erratic sometimes. 

But, with the help of your exquisite observational skills, you will be able to navigate through the maze the human soul is for you.

Being ruled by the number six makes it a bit easier for you to connect with others though.

Yes, you rarely achieve the deep connection you crave, but that’s what makes your relationships and interactions with other humans even more valuable.

When you fully connect, it is powerful.

You are not shallow, {FIRSTNAME}, nor will you ever be. The passion behind everything you do transpires and inspires others to act the same.

When you want it, you can be a leader. And you should be one more often. 

It is only by truly doing so that you will achieve true happiness and satisfaction in your life.