Number 2

The Number Two has a sensitive message for you, {FIRSTNAME}...

Have you experienced imbalance in your life lately? Have you been surrounded by conflict or challenging life-impacting choices?

It’s time for you to take a step back, {FIRSTNAME}!

Number Two is the mediator. It represents balance and a strong desire for harmony

Ruled by the Moon, the number two represents gentle, considerate, and sensitive vibrations.

Have these been lacking in your life, {FIRSTNAME}?

If so, you might be surrounded by conflict. External or internal, it shifts you towards negativity and increases your stress

Continuing on this path will make you lose focus on your goals and desires.

However, choosing the number two should give you hope, {FIRSTNAME}.

It is the sign you’ve been waiting for, that things will take a turn for the better. 

If it continues to show up in your life, take the time you need to be patient. Allow your soul to restore the balance in your life.

Be optimistic, {FIRSTNAME}, but take everything with a grain of salt

Some people around you will try and sway you away from your path with their negative beliefs.

Make time to build strong bonds with those around you; personal and business partnerships will benefit from your groundedness and resilience.

And take a look inside your soul. Find the missing pieces and connect them in unity.

You will soon be able to stay true to your vision for the future and turn things around, no matter how challenging it looks right now.