Number 4

Receive this important message from The Number Four, {FIRSTNAME}!

It is time for you to take a chance on yourself!

You’re the most grounded person in your family and circle of friends. You’re the reliable one. You’re the best advice giver. 

You lead by example, and everyone usually admires you for “having everything together.”

It’s hard, {FIRSTNAME}, isn’t it? You could even say it’s depleting your energy…

Always focused on others, still leading with ration…

Never taking chances, never following your heart…

Spending your life mostly serving others and feeling guilty every time you do something nice for yourself!

Stop it, {FIRSTNAME}!

You know THAT won’t lead anywhere good!

You already feel the burnout creeping in…

And you’ve been here before, so you already know what you need to do!

Take Uranus’ wisdom (the planet ruling the number Four) and allow it to guide you on your journey. 

Enable it to shine its practical, steady, logical vibrations upon you, {FIRSTNAME}, and take the chances you’ve only been dreaming of!

You are ready for this, {FIRSTNAME}! You’ve prepared for this! 

Don’t be afraid of getting caught in a whirlwind of shiny objects. 

Your rationality will allow you to control any impulses that might steer you away from your path!

So take a chance on yourself, {FIRSTNAME}, and become the best version of yourself you were destined to be!