Number 6

Listen to the crucial message The Number 6 has for you, {FIRSTNAME}!

It will help you heal, and you know you need it!

{FIRSTNAME}, I see your nurturing nature. I know how you’re surrounded and how you surround others with love.

All the heart vibrations characterizing you are engulfing every aspect of your life and those in it.

But, how much longer can you do that, {FIRSTNAME}?

Aren’t you tired of being taken for granted? Aren’t you tired of being pushed around?

Aren’t you tired of people taking advantage of you, {FIRSTNAME}?

If you continue to refuse the Universe’s help, you will be held back again by fear and anxiety, and that’s the last place you want to go in.

The number Six is ruled by Venus, which floods you with positive vibrations of stability, compassion, and trustworthiness

It allows you to support yourself and still have the resources to be the air under your loved ones’ wings.

But it’s not sustainable, and you know it, {FIRSTNAME}.

So please, allow me and the number Six to guide you.

Let yourself go, let yourself loose for once. Take a step back and focus on yourself:

Only by doing so, you will muster the strength to keep ongoing.

And you will have the ability to become a fountain of abundance for those around as well.

After all, you’ve always felt it to be your life’s mission, haven’t you, {FIRSTNAME}?