Number 7

{FIRSTNAME}, this critical message is brought to you by The Number Seven!

And you should listen to it because it’s as unexpected as every other satisfying opportunity you’ve encountered in your life so far.

All the wisdom you hide inside needs to be released, {FIRSTNAME}.

I know it is more comfortable to stay in your own zone of genius. 

It is safe to keep the lane.

But it only takes you on the same path you’ve walked before.

And you know, {FIRSTNAME}, you are ready for change.

Not only that, but you’ve been craving it.

Those who love you have already noticed this shift in your behavior.

Yes, they’re used to your reclusive, mysterious nature, but it seems they’ve rallied against you with their frequent “Hey, are you okay?” questions.

They’ve noticed you closing in, and even though they are willing to push through to get to you, they’re only able to get so far until they get fed up.

So, {FIRSTNAME}, take action today!

Use the spiritual vibrations imprinted in Number Seven by Neptune, its ruling planet, and release yourself from the cocoon you’ve been transforming in the past months!

Just like a caterpillar, you’ve used this period for inner growth and metamorphosis, and it’s now time to spread your wings and let the world behold and drink in your beauty!

The world awaits your beautiful transformation, {FIRSTNAME}, and you are ready to shine!