Number 8

The Number Eight has a fundamental message for you, {FIRSTNAME}!

Are you ready to receive it and restore your cyclic growth and expansion?

Lately, you’ve been noticing disruptive patterns repeating themselves over and over, {FIRSTNAME}, and you somehow cannot figure out what causes them.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but you are the source, {FIRSTNAME}.

Your simple thoughts and actions, your intense focus on all the things that have not performed as you want them to, are the root cause of anything going sideways in your career, relationships, and life.

But you’re in an excellent position right now, {FIRSTNAME}!

You have been graced by the vibrational energies of Saturn, the ruler of the number Eight, to restore the balance in your life.

However, you can only do that if you start focusing again on your actions’ positive aspects.

This will allow you to tap into the cyclic benefits of the number Eight.

Because, {FIRSTNAME}, the number Eight has a Karmic aspect... It strongly ties into giving and receiving alike.

Your success is not yours alone, but it’s a collective effort of everyone involved. Appreciating that balances it with gratitude.

If you take the time to be thankful and consciously grateful for all the working pieces in your life built by others, it will reward you with even more success.

So, {FIRSTNAME}, lead with grace, and you will fulfill your true life’s purpose

Let everyone around you know the level of appreciation you have for them and don’t ignore their efforts.

They will work even harder in supporting you and your mission.

And you will continue to thrive, {FIRSTNAME}!