The 12th sign of the Zodiac is Pisces. This means it is ruled by the number twelve

However, this compound number is reduced to the number three, the influencing number of Jupiter, one of Pisces’ ruling planets.

At the same time, the number seven, associated with Neptune - another ruling planet of Pisces, has a hold on you.

To begin with, the number twelve is considered a hidden number. Reducing it to the number three means your life is influenced by its vibrational energy.

But {FIRSTNAME}, it also means you are under the influence of the disguise numbers one and two, especially when it comes to less positive vibrations.

So, be careful {FIRSTNAME}, because while you have the potential of a true, highly energetic, and active leader, you can also be a victim of a passive, even submissive energy.

Stripping the number twelve to its core gives all the benefits of the number three’s influence: you’re generous, playful, and honest.

You express yourself without restraint, you love teamwork and are usually the inspiration of the group. 

And you’re always surrounded by people who genuinely enjoy your presence, {FIRSTNAME}.

Living life to the fullest is your motto, but you need to pay attention..

Sometimes you tend to be shallow in your pursuits and not finish them.

When it comes to your romantic life, the number three puts you in a pickle. 

It’s challenging to settle down. But if you do, let’s just say your partner is one of the luckiest people in the world, {FIRSTNAME}.

The number seven brings balance into your life, something you really need.

Helping your mind drive your decisions when you allow, it keeps you grounded.

It can create a bit of noise inside your being, and a feeling of constant doubt. 

But, if you choose to rely on facts while allowing yourself to listen to your gut, you should be okay, {FIRSTNAME}.

Neither one of these should be silenced and neither one should have full control of your decision-making process.

So, {FIRSTNAME}, give yourself time to process things before making any important life choice. 

Allow yourself to analyze everything from a logical standpoint and also with your heart.

Don’t be afraid to find middle ground in your life, {FIRSTNAME}. 

And never worry about it being a compromise, because we both know you will never settle.

Allow yourself to shine, to play, and to pursue your dreams, {FIRSTNAME}.

And if you tap into the energy of others by trusting them from time to time, it can only lead to wonderful things!