Scorpios are ruled by the number eight, being the Zodiac’s 8th sign.

They are also influenced by the number nine, which is strongly connected to Mars and Pluto, the sign’s two governing planets.

If there is one person that gets things done, that is you, {FIRSTNAME}.

And you never play small. You do not let yourself be influenced by trends, but you make use and profit off of them.

And you are definitely the one that friends, family members, and even simple acquaintances go to for advice.

But, {FIRSTNAME}, you put a lot of work in everything you pursue. 

You can be an amazing investor or funds manager, but all of this requires extensive knowledge.

Learning all of that might sometimes steal valuable time from your life.

It’s time that you can dedicate to actually living your life

You do invest time and passion in the people you surround yourself with, but don’t you sometimes feel it’s not quite enough?

This fully ties in with the influence the number nine has on you, {FIRSTNAME}...

Being a ruling number for you as a Scorpio means you do believe in humanity.

You believe in community and a bright future for everyone.

You believe in equality and you thrive in inclusive communities.

This means you will not be happy or successful if you allow yourself to be placed in a box, {FIRSTNAME}.

No matter how well you perform, if what you’re working on doesn’t allow you to make a social impact, you will feel burnout and an overwhelming feeling of disappointment.

So, avoid that, {FIRSTNAME}, and follow your heart from time to time, even if your mind disagrees!