Virgo, the 6th sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by the number six

But Mercury’s influence as Virgo’s ruling planet also puts this sign under the number five power.

Ruled by the number six, you feel, speak, and act from the heart, {FIRSTNAME}. 

And while some might find Virgos as cold people, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reason behind this false impression is that you don’t waste time with shallow, meaningless pursuits. 

Your desire for well-done things, your extreme attention to detail, your knack for perfection derives from the passion you have for every project you take on.

And it applies to your relationships as well. You may not have many friends, but you truly value the ones you have. 

And you’re not really fond of one-night stands. You crave much deeper connection.

But, your soulful nature sometimes gets you in trouble because you can attract and hold on to the wrong people for too long.

So be careful, {FIRSTNAME}... Your time is precious, especially when we’re talking about years in your life...

And when it comes down to the influence of the number five, {FIRSTNAME}, this is where you truly shine!

Your free spirit and the constant pursuit of something “new” allows you to adapt and thrive in any environment.

Not only that, but your creative powers are like nothing the world’s seen before.

You can take on anything: to research, learn, and master anything you become passionate about!

You do it with such grace and ease that those around you often feel jealous. 

This is why sometimes you need to step back from the center of attention and let someone else under the spotlight, especially if they are as passionate as you are.

{FIRSTNAME}, the combination of your ruling numbers makes you one of the most potent signs of the Zodiac. It’s like nothing can stop you…

But be careful, {FIRSTNAME}! Your passion-driven perfectionism might also be your downfall. Remember: sometimes done is better than perfect!