Number 8

The Number Eight has a fundamental message for you, {FIRSTNAME}!

Are you ready to receive it and restore your cyclic growth and expansion?

Lately, you’ve been noticing disruptive patterns repeating themselves over and over, {FIRSTNAME}, and you somehow cannot figure out what causes them.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but you are the source, {FIRSTNAME}.

Your simple thoughts and actions, your intense focus on all the things that have not performed as you want them to, are the root cause of anything going sideways in your career, relationships, and life.

But you’re in an excellent position right now, {FIRSTNAME}!

You have been graced by the vibrational energies of Saturn, the ruler of the number Eight, to restore the balance in your life.

However, you can only do that if you start focusing again on your actions’ positive aspects.

This will allow you to tap into the cyclic benefits of the number Eight.

Because, {FIRSTNAME}, the number Eight has a Karmic aspect... It strongly ties into giving and receiving alike.

Your success is not yours alone, but it’s a collective effort of everyone involved. Appreciating that balances it with gratitude.

If you take the time to be thankful and consciously grateful for all the working pieces in your life built by others, it will reward you with even more success.

So, {FIRSTNAME}, lead with grace, and you will fulfill your true life’s purpose

Let everyone around you know the level of appreciation you have for them and don’t ignore their efforts.

They will work even harder in supporting you and your mission.

And you will continue to thrive, {FIRSTNAME}!

Number 7

{FIRSTNAME}, this critical message is brought to you by The Number Seven!

And you should listen to it because it’s as unexpected as every other satisfying opportunity you’ve encountered in your life so far.

All the wisdom you hide inside needs to be released, {FIRSTNAME}.

I know it is more comfortable to stay in your own zone of genius. 

It is safe to keep the lane.

But it only takes you on the same path you’ve walked before.

And you know, {FIRSTNAME}, you are ready for change.

Not only that, but you’ve been craving it.

Those who love you have already noticed this shift in your behavior.

Yes, they’re used to your reclusive, mysterious nature, but it seems they’ve rallied against you with their frequent “Hey, are you okay?” questions.

They’ve noticed you closing in, and even though they are willing to push through to get to you, they’re only able to get so far until they get fed up.

So, {FIRSTNAME}, take action today!

Use the spiritual vibrations imprinted in Number Seven by Neptune, its ruling planet, and release yourself from the cocoon you’ve been transforming in the past months!

Just like a caterpillar, you’ve used this period for inner growth and metamorphosis, and it’s now time to spread your wings and let the world behold and drink in your beauty!

The world awaits your beautiful transformation, {FIRSTNAME}, and you are ready to shine!

Number 6

Listen to the crucial message The Number 6 has for you, {FIRSTNAME}!

It will help you heal, and you know you need it!

{FIRSTNAME}, I see your nurturing nature. I know how you’re surrounded and how you surround others with love.

All the heart vibrations characterizing you are engulfing every aspect of your life and those in it.

But, how much longer can you do that, {FIRSTNAME}?

Aren’t you tired of being taken for granted? Aren’t you tired of being pushed around?

Aren’t you tired of people taking advantage of you, {FIRSTNAME}?

If you continue to refuse the Universe’s help, you will be held back again by fear and anxiety, and that’s the last place you want to go in.

The number Six is ruled by Venus, which floods you with positive vibrations of stability, compassion, and trustworthiness

It allows you to support yourself and still have the resources to be the air under your loved ones’ wings.

But it’s not sustainable, and you know it, {FIRSTNAME}.

So please, allow me and the number Six to guide you.

Let yourself go, let yourself loose for once. Take a step back and focus on yourself:

Only by doing so, you will muster the strength to keep ongoing.

And you will have the ability to become a fountain of abundance for those around as well.

After all, you’ve always felt it to be your life’s mission, haven’t you, {FIRSTNAME}?

Number 5

The Number Five has a peculiar message for you, {FIRSTNAME}!

And it’s time to listen and lean into it if you want to recover, maintain or upgrade your winning streak!

You’re an adventurous soul, {FIRSTNAME}, and your intuitive nature always find the best opportunities to place you in the spotlight and shine your light on others!

You’re a born leader, and you always do it by example!

But, be warned, {FIRSTNAME}, you do tend to take on more than you can deliver.

This is why the number Five has appeared more often in your life recently.

It is time for you to take a step back, recollect yourself, and put a different lens on how you view the world.

Allow yourself to rely on your partners, your family, and your friends, because like it or not, you are part of the community you so enjoy. 

Even if you thrive by influencing and helping others, you realize you need help as well, {FIRSTNAME}.

The number Five is right now telling you: learn to rely on others! 

Discover the benefits collaborations can bring you! Trust those that have proven in the past to have your best interest at heart!

Open yourself up to collaborations and partnerships, and you might see yourself reach your goals faster!

Stop being a bottleneck, {FIRSTNAME}.

Allow number Five’s vibrations of resourcefulness, flexibility, and wittiness to embrace the drive brought by Mercury, its ruling planet, to help you advance in every area of your life.

The prize is right in front of you! Let yourself be lifted by those who cherish you, and grab it, {FIRSTNAME}!

Number 4

Receive this important message from The Number Four, {FIRSTNAME}!

It is time for you to take a chance on yourself!

You’re the most grounded person in your family and circle of friends. You’re the reliable one. You’re the best advice giver. 

You lead by example, and everyone usually admires you for “having everything together.”

It’s hard, {FIRSTNAME}, isn’t it? You could even say it’s depleting your energy…

Always focused on others, still leading with ration…

Never taking chances, never following your heart…

Spending your life mostly serving others and feeling guilty every time you do something nice for yourself!

Stop it, {FIRSTNAME}!

You know THAT won’t lead anywhere good!

You already feel the burnout creeping in…

And you’ve been here before, so you already know what you need to do!

Take Uranus’ wisdom (the planet ruling the number Four) and allow it to guide you on your journey. 

Enable it to shine its practical, steady, logical vibrations upon you, {FIRSTNAME}, and take the chances you’ve only been dreaming of!

You are ready for this, {FIRSTNAME}! You’ve prepared for this! 

Don’t be afraid of getting caught in a whirlwind of shiny objects. 

Your rationality will allow you to control any impulses that might steer you away from your path!

So take a chance on yourself, {FIRSTNAME}, and become the best version of yourself you were destined to be!

Number 3

Receive Number Three’s time-sensitive message, {FIRSTNAME}!

It is time for you to thrive and prosper! It is time for you to shine by doing what you love. 

Number Three’s energy is directly tied to luck and good fortune. It doesn’t mean you’ll win the lottery next week without buying a ticket though.

However, {FIRSTNAME}, seeing the number Three means your luck might change if you’re ready for it. 

Every type of success is a mixture of work and good luck.

Some call it “timing,” some say they were “in the right place, at the right time.” 

But everyone will agree on one thing: when that one opportunity crossed their path, they were ready for it. 

So, {FIRSTNAME}, are you ready for your opportunity to come knocking at your door?

Are you ready to challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone? To learn, and maybe, just maybe, to chase your dreams for the first time in your life?

Because if you are, {FIRSTNAME}, now’s the time for you to do it!

Take all that outgoing, friendly, and sociable energy the number Three is bringing into your life and allow it to help you shape your future!

Ruled by Jupiter, the number Three is filled with vitality, drive, and strength to conquer and rule your deepest desires. 

Use that, {FIRSTNAME}, and express your adventurous, positive, and friendly nature through your work and mission in life! 

The Universe will reward you for fulfilling your life’s mission and staying true to yourself!

Number 2

The Number Two has a sensitive message for you, {FIRSTNAME}...

Have you experienced imbalance in your life lately? Have you been surrounded by conflict or challenging life-impacting choices?

It’s time for you to take a step back, {FIRSTNAME}!

Number Two is the mediator. It represents balance and a strong desire for harmony

Ruled by the Moon, the number two represents gentle, considerate, and sensitive vibrations.

Have these been lacking in your life, {FIRSTNAME}?

If so, you might be surrounded by conflict. External or internal, it shifts you towards negativity and increases your stress

Continuing on this path will make you lose focus on your goals and desires.

However, choosing the number two should give you hope, {FIRSTNAME}.

It is the sign you’ve been waiting for, that things will take a turn for the better. 

If it continues to show up in your life, take the time you need to be patient. Allow your soul to restore the balance in your life.

Be optimistic, {FIRSTNAME}, but take everything with a grain of salt

Some people around you will try and sway you away from your path with their negative beliefs.

Make time to build strong bonds with those around you; personal and business partnerships will benefit from your groundedness and resilience.

And take a look inside your soul. Find the missing pieces and connect them in unity.

You will soon be able to stay true to your vision for the future and turn things around, no matter how challenging it looks right now.

Number 1

The Number One has an important message for you, {FIRSTNAME}. 

It’s time for you to embrace change and all sorts of new beginnings in your life

You might be suffering from a negative mindset right now. 

This can be a trap because staying in a negative headspace can create even more negativity in your life, {FIRSTNAME}...

If this is something you tend to do, then take time to figure out WHY you aren’t focusing on what you want instead.

Then take a deep breath and put every bit of your attention on what you DO want instead of what you DON’T want.

You cannot continue to let your fears control the direction of your life anymore,  {FIRSTNAME}.

This will help you to emanate a positive, abundant frequency, which will attract more abundance instead of fear-based negativity that will only draw in more negative experiences into your life, {FIRSTNAME}.

Having the Number One show up for you indicates that you are now taking the first step on a powerful new path in your life. 

And my intuition tells me that getting this reading today is your first step on this path.

But you must fully own and embrace any and all changes you make at this time. 

The Universe wants to help you, {FIRSTNAME}, but you must take action.

You must pay attention to where and when doors of opportunity are opening and walk through them with faith and confidence, {FIRSTNAME}. 

The Universe will give you messages of confirmation that you are on the right path, such as seeing repeating numbers or seeing your spirit animal unexpectedly.

This is also a time for you to focus on enhancing your leadership skills and increasing your strength in many areas of your life, {FIRSTNAME}.

Humanity needs you to own your inner strength and power and fully show up as the leader you are right now.