The 12th sign of the Zodiac is Pisces. This means it is ruled by the number twelve

However, this compound number is reduced to the number three, the influencing number of Jupiter, one of Pisces’ ruling planets.

At the same time, the number seven, associated with Neptune - another ruling planet of Pisces, has a hold on you.

To begin with, the number twelve is considered a hidden number. Reducing it to the number three means your life is influenced by its vibrational energy.

But {FIRSTNAME}, it also means you are under the influence of the disguise numbers one and two, especially when it comes to less positive vibrations.

So, be careful {FIRSTNAME}, because while you have the potential of a true, highly energetic, and active leader, you can also be a victim of a passive, even submissive energy.

Stripping the number twelve to its core gives all the benefits of the number three’s influence: you’re generous, playful, and honest.

You express yourself without restraint, you love teamwork and are usually the inspiration of the group. 

And you’re always surrounded by people who genuinely enjoy your presence, {FIRSTNAME}.

Living life to the fullest is your motto, but you need to pay attention..

Sometimes you tend to be shallow in your pursuits and not finish them.

When it comes to your romantic life, the number three puts you in a pickle. 

It’s challenging to settle down. But if you do, let’s just say your partner is one of the luckiest people in the world, {FIRSTNAME}.

The number seven brings balance into your life, something you really need.

Helping your mind drive your decisions when you allow, it keeps you grounded.

It can create a bit of noise inside your being, and a feeling of constant doubt. 

But, if you choose to rely on facts while allowing yourself to listen to your gut, you should be okay, {FIRSTNAME}.

Neither one of these should be silenced and neither one should have full control of your decision-making process.

So, {FIRSTNAME}, give yourself time to process things before making any important life choice. 

Allow yourself to analyze everything from a logical standpoint and also with your heart.

Don’t be afraid to find middle ground in your life, {FIRSTNAME}. 

And never worry about it being a compromise, because we both know you will never settle.

Allow yourself to shine, to play, and to pursue your dreams, {FIRSTNAME}.

And if you tap into the energy of others by trusting them from time to time, it can only lead to wonderful things!


As an Aquarius, you are special, {FIRSTNAME}...

You are ruled by three numbers, one of which is the special master number eleven, Aquarius being the 11th sign of the Zodiac.

The other two numbers ruling your sign are determined by the ruling planets that influence you: Uranus and Saturn

These bring in the influence of the number four and the number eight, helping you carve your own path in life instead of walking those set up by others ahead of you.

The master number eleven inspires you to become the most creative version of yourself, so being stuck in a box will never work for you or leave you fulfilled.

Turning that into reality is challenging though, {FIRSTNAME}...

With influences from both the number one and two, master number eleven helps you channel your inner leadership skills, inspiring others and allowing them to shine under your guidance.

At the same time, it makes you crave solitude and space to think and unleash that special creativity you were gifted with.

So balance is important, {FIRSTNAME}. Otherwise, you will feel burned out.

Number four’s influence on you makes you extremely powerful

The organizational skills you get from it means you not only envision beautiful new projects, but you’re also able to bring them to life.

This is an important trait, {FIRSTNAME}, but be careful. When it comes to partnerships, you need to find people as capable as you, whether in business or your romantic life. 

Otherwise, the influence the number eight has on you might affect them.

A true go-getter, you never settle for less than the first prize. This applies to learning, financial investments, and the choice of partners.

Make sure the solitary nature brought to you by the number eleven, combined with this competitive drive given to you by the number eight don’t make you seclude yourself and chase away beautiful, loving people from your life.

Remember, the master number eleven is connected to the number two, meaning you need companionship, {FIRSTNAME}.

And even though you can be a true guiding light for those in your life, you do need batteries to fuel your flame. 

Get those from the neverending source of love the Universe pours in those around you.

With it, you will reach your full potential!


Capricorn, the 10th sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by the number ten.

And with Saturn as its ruling planet, it is also ruled by the number one.

This combination is special, {FIRSTNAME}, because usually the number ten is reduced to one, doubling its impact on you.

But before I dive into that, I want you to remember that the number ten was believed to represent the Universe, and the sum of human knowledge, according to Pythagoreans.

This has a strong influence on you, {FIRSTNAME}...

It allows you to be the one Zodiac sign with an innate ability to channel their divine feminine and masculine energies at the same time.

Having the number ten as a ruling number is like transforming yourself into a mirror. Its refractory properties allow you to absorb the strengths given to you by the number one.

But, at the same time, its reflective properties allow you to shine those strengths, qualities, and skills back in the world.

You truly are a beacon, {FIRSTNAME}.

But please, pay attention to your behavior.

Because this ability to absorb and reflect refers to the negative influences as well.

And you know what I’m talking about. 

You’ve received feedback in the past of being too harsh, pushy, or insensitive.

So make sure you allow yourself to be patient and understanding.

Use the observational skills you have, {FIRSTNAME}, to find the behavioral patterns in others that allow you to help them overcome their struggles and express themselves.

Your leadership skills are the spark needed by any community you belong to and they will ignite a blast of knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. 

So be that spark, {FIRSTNAME}, because the world needs you now more than ever...


Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by the number nine.

At the same time, the influence of Jupiter and its number three has a stronghold on your life.

{FIRSTNAME}, you have a true calling for doing good in the world.

And I’m not talking about small good deeds, here and there. With you, it’s more than volunteering at the local canteen or organizing a small fundraiser.

You are destined to make a big impact on the lives of others, {FIRSTNAME}.

With your strong belief in humanity, equality, freedom of speech and choice, and balance, you can become an inspiration.

But you’re at risk, {FIRSTNAME} - at risk of being taken for granted.

You cannot give if you have nothing.

So boundaries are mandatory if you want to continue your mission.

It doesn’t matter if it’s small or global-sized.

Sometimes, you need to be selfish, {FIRSTNAME}.

It will require some effort, but placing your needs first, from time to time, will allow you to replenish your energy source and keep going.

And if you think about the influence the number three has on your life, it makes even more sense. 

You see, the number three is what allows you to tap into your creativity and playfulness

And these are the soul traits you use to build relationships and communities around you.

But they also provide you with an endless list of things you’d love to do… one day
So, be honest with yourself, {FIRSTNAME}: what’s really stopping you from doing them today?


Scorpios are ruled by the number eight, being the Zodiac’s 8th sign.

They are also influenced by the number nine, which is strongly connected to Mars and Pluto, the sign’s two governing planets.

If there is one person that gets things done, that is you, {FIRSTNAME}.

And you never play small. You do not let yourself be influenced by trends, but you make use and profit off of them.

And you are definitely the one that friends, family members, and even simple acquaintances go to for advice.

But, {FIRSTNAME}, you put a lot of work in everything you pursue. 

You can be an amazing investor or funds manager, but all of this requires extensive knowledge.

Learning all of that might sometimes steal valuable time from your life.

It’s time that you can dedicate to actually living your life

You do invest time and passion in the people you surround yourself with, but don’t you sometimes feel it’s not quite enough?

This fully ties in with the influence the number nine has on you, {FIRSTNAME}...

Being a ruling number for you as a Scorpio means you do believe in humanity.

You believe in community and a bright future for everyone.

You believe in equality and you thrive in inclusive communities.

This means you will not be happy or successful if you allow yourself to be placed in a box, {FIRSTNAME}.

No matter how well you perform, if what you’re working on doesn’t allow you to make a social impact, you will feel burnout and an overwhelming feeling of disappointment.

So, avoid that, {FIRSTNAME}, and follow your heart from time to time, even if your mind disagrees!


The number seven rules Libra since it is the 7th sign of the Zodiac. 

But the number six also expresses its influence, being associated with Venus, Libra’s ruling planet.

Your mind is your most powerful asset, {FIRSTNAME}, and you know it.

You live your life and make choices with the help of your inner voice of reason. Always seeking logical arguments, you are in constant pursuit of universal truth.

You are not bound by science, because you understand its limitations, but you are thankful for humanity’s progress based on it.

However {FIRSTNAME}, you need to tap into your heart at the same time. 

If you don’t, you might lose valuable connections for your growth.

Yes, it is challenging not to see normal, emotional behavior as exaggerated or erratic sometimes. 

But, with the help of your exquisite observational skills, you will be able to navigate through the maze the human soul is for you.

Being ruled by the number six makes it a bit easier for you to connect with others though.

Yes, you rarely achieve the deep connection you crave, but that’s what makes your relationships and interactions with other humans even more valuable.

When you fully connect, it is powerful.

You are not shallow, {FIRSTNAME}, nor will you ever be. The passion behind everything you do transpires and inspires others to act the same.

When you want it, you can be a leader. And you should be one more often. 

It is only by truly doing so that you will achieve true happiness and satisfaction in your life.


Virgo, the 6th sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by the number six

But Mercury’s influence as Virgo’s ruling planet also puts this sign under the number five power.

Ruled by the number six, you feel, speak, and act from the heart, {FIRSTNAME}. 

And while some might find Virgos as cold people, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reason behind this false impression is that you don’t waste time with shallow, meaningless pursuits. 

Your desire for well-done things, your extreme attention to detail, your knack for perfection derives from the passion you have for every project you take on.

And it applies to your relationships as well. You may not have many friends, but you truly value the ones you have. 

And you’re not really fond of one-night stands. You crave much deeper connection.

But, your soulful nature sometimes gets you in trouble because you can attract and hold on to the wrong people for too long.

So be careful, {FIRSTNAME}... Your time is precious, especially when we’re talking about years in your life...

And when it comes down to the influence of the number five, {FIRSTNAME}, this is where you truly shine!

Your free spirit and the constant pursuit of something “new” allows you to adapt and thrive in any environment.

Not only that, but your creative powers are like nothing the world’s seen before.

You can take on anything: to research, learn, and master anything you become passionate about!

You do it with such grace and ease that those around you often feel jealous. 

This is why sometimes you need to step back from the center of attention and let someone else under the spotlight, especially if they are as passionate as you are.

{FIRSTNAME}, the combination of your ruling numbers makes you one of the most potent signs of the Zodiac. It’s like nothing can stop you…

But be careful, {FIRSTNAME}! Your passion-driven perfectionism might also be your downfall. Remember: sometimes done is better than perfect!


You are a strong one, {FIRSTNAME}! As a Leo, you are ruled by the number five since it is the 5th sign of the Zodiac.

But having the Sun’s influence, as Leo’s ruling planet, puts you also under the power of the number one.

What a powerful combination! What a powerful soul you are, {FIRSTNAME}!

Those invisible wings you were born with allow you to fly on any path you set your mind to. Your free spirit helps you adapt to anything.

You yearn for new experiences, for vast and in-depth knowledge, for new people in your life, and sometimes… for a bit of spice in your romantic life as well.

So, {FIRSTNAME}, you need to pay attention

When it comes to a life partner, you have to either choose someone as free-spirited as you or eliminate the idea of “settling down” from your mindset.

As with everything else in your life, there’s not much room for compromise here…

When it comes to the number one being an influence in your life, you’ve seen that already.

You are a leader. Your charismatic nature makes everyone admire you, follow you, listen to your advice, and get inspired by you.

And while you enjoy being praised most of the time, it also frustrates you when others don’t step up and keep asking for guidance.

That’s why, {FIRSTNAME}, you need to learn patience. Not everyone is a natural leader, and some never try to be. 

With those people, you need to be understanding and allow them to shine in their own light.

But one thing you can do is learn to trust - learn to rely on others and stop being a bottleneck sometimes.

This approach will take you a long way in life if you can learn to work well with others. Remember, the Lion leads the pack. He doesn’t stand alone.


{FIRSTNAME}, your sign, Cancer, is strongly tied to the number four, as it is the Zodiac’s 4th sign.

Simultaneously, deep connections with the number two are present since Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon which also rules the number two.

You are a special breed, {FIRSTNAME}, and I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Every time you are responsible for organizing something… anything… you hit a home-run.

Everyone around is impressed by your skills and you definitely know how to own them.

Your creative side blends in perfectly with everything you set your mind to.

That’s why you’re able to bring to life any idea or vision successfully.

But this comes at a cost, {FIRSTNAME}... 

You are so good at what you do that you tend to isolate yourself and take on more than you can handle sometimes.

Your desire to protect everyone else because you can see the bigger picture leads you to become overwhelmed, and sometimes… even taken advantage of…

So, {FIRSTNAME}, you have to pay attention to the behavior of those around you and analyze the true meaning of the compliments you receive on your work.

At the same time, the number two ruling your sign is the main factor leading you to take charge of things.

The number two is identified with harmony, and your desire for everyone to get along and be happy has the potential to become your downfall.

You are strong, {FIRSTNAME}, and you know that.

Your soulful and empathic nature allows you to sense what others are feeling

But the compassion that drives your every action matched with your ability to juggle everything in your life…

Let’s just say all of that might make you feel lonely at the end of the day when the whole world is resting.

It is then when you’re still awake and thinking about how to make the most of the next day for yourself and those around you.

So please, {FIRSTNAME}, take a step back. Allow yourself to reflect on the things that matter to you most and prioritize them. 

After all, you’re a master at doing that.


Being the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, Geminis are ruled by the number three.

Also, having Mercury as their ruling planet, the number five is strongly connected to Geminis.

You are one unique being, {FIRSTNAME}! Being ruled by the number three, you already know your strengths:

You are the life of every party, and everyone loves being around you, no matter the circumstances.

But.. {FIRSTNAME}, you know you also tend to be “diagnosed” with having “shiny object syndrome.” And are often perceived as shallow by those around you.

And that often leads to missed opportunities… in your career, in making new, amazing friends, in connecting with your perfect soulmate… 

So, be careful

The number five ruling your sign has a substantial impact on how you lead your life.

You are a free spirit, and no ties could ever hold you down, {FIRSTNAME}. 

Yes, you sometimes try to tone down your excitement or eagerness to dive into the next amazing thing you learn about just to keep those around you happy.

But... in the long run, you know it hurts you.

You have a choice, {FIRSTNAME}, when it comes to long term partnerships: you either commit and compromise from time to time or you fly solo.
Choose carefully cause it might be the key to your happiness.


As the second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus is ruled by the number two.

And with Venus ruling Taurus, it is also associated with the number six, which is connected to Venus.

The number two represents unity, {FIRSTNAME}, which makes you thrive in strong relationships.

While these relationships might be passionate with romantic partners, harmonious with your family, or extremely productive with your friends and business partners, you need to pay attention.

Your desire to live a life free of conflict might lead you to dangerous compromises, {FIRSTNAME}.

This is why you sometimes feel pushed around or taken for granted.

You have the ability to bring people together far more easily than everyone else in your circle, {FIRSTNAME}. 

So hone it and stand your ground when necessary. Otherwise, you will soon feel depleted of your vital energy.

The number six is closely related to your heart energy, {FIRSTNAME}. 

And in combination with the number two, it transforms you into a fountain of love, care, and nourishment for everyone around you.

Shallow pursuits or egocentric dreams are never on your mind.

But... {FIRSTNAME}, this doesn’t mean you are forbidden from following your most profound dreams.

Make sure you find the time to fulfill them because they have the ability to make the world a better place.

You are the magic pebble that can create the most wonderful ripple effects in the Universe, {FIRSTNAME}. 

But only if…

  1. You act in complete honesty with your soul.
  1. You pursue the dreams that have the most meaningful impact on the lives of others.
  1. You firmly defend your beliefs and don’t allow yourself to become a push-over.

It is only then you will achieve the blissfulness, peace, and harmony your soul needs.


Because Aries is the first sign in the astrological year, it is ruled by the number one. 

And since Aries is ruled by Mars which is connected to the number nine, that number also rules Aries.

The number one is associated with leadership. You have incarnated to lead others in this lifetime, {FIRSTNAME}. 

You are very charismatic and inspire others around you, but make sure you have patience since they might not have as much energy and drive as you.

When you are single, you can thrive when many other people would struggle with loneliness. 

Sure, you want love, but you’re also good on your own, {FIRSTNAME}...

It’s super important that you avoid clingy partners because you will feel smothered and want to leave.

The number nine indicates that you are a big believer in equality and value all human beings equally. 

Watch out for being so giving to others that you end up hurting yourself. No one can give from an empty well, {FIRSTNAME}. 

Make sure to take time out for self-care to recharge your batteries so you can get out there and help and inspire people without being drained or feeling resentful.

This combination of numbers together shows that you have a beautiful giving heart and want to make a difference in the world.

And the main way you do that is through being a fiery leader who inspires others to do more and be more. 

You have what it takes to make a huge impact in this lifetime, {FIRSTNAME}...

But only if you do these three things…

  1. Have patience with those who follow you. They may not have your immense stores of fiery energy to drive them like you do, {FIRSTNAME}.
  1. Take time out for self-care to replenish your energy so you can inspire those in your sphere of influence without depleting your energy reserves. 
  1. Make sure your romantic partner(s) have enough self-love to not be needy or clingy so they don’t make you feel fenced-in or confined and want to run away.

If you do these three things well, you’ll be able to inspire MANY people, {FIRSTNAME}, and your life will have an immense influence on humanity.