This is the Moment when You starts to “see the code”

I’m sure you must remember the scene in the hallway in the movie “The Matrix” when Neo “saw the code” that makes up the matrix for the first time.

It was his moment of awakening. 

The moment he finally FULLY believed that he was THE ONE.

And from that moment on, EVERYTHING changed….

Not only for him and in HIS life but also for ALL of humanity living on the planet at the time.

We are all versions of NEO, My Dear...
Arion Matthews 
Numerology Sorcerer and Intuitive Reader
We are ALL here on a powerful mission.

And now is THE TIME that you chose to fully awaken dear one.

To fully step into your power.

To fulfill your divine mission.

EVERY single one of our missions matter just as Neo’s did in the Matrix.

And, as I already told you, YOURS is an ESSENTIAL MISSION, My Dear.

No one can complete your mission except YOU!

Just a recap…

We are moving into the Aquarian Age.

HUGE beautiful shifts are waiting for humanity at this time…

But… we will ONLY have that
beautiful ORGANIC timeline if we all do our part.

And now is the time your soul picked to begin “seeing the code” just as Neo did.

So… what is the code, My Dear?

Our Universe is composed of patterns. 

These patterns exist on every level of existence, from the microscopic all the way up to the Universe itself.

And we see the same patterns repeating on every level.
These patterns are ordered. They are NOT random. 

And they are created by sacred geometry equations.

And these equations consist of numbers.

Numerology IS the code of the Universe, My Dear!

And when you know how to interpret numerology, you can “see the code” of the Universe.

You can interpret the meaning behind messages in nature in the world around you. 

And you can begin to “see through time”...

“How is it possible to see through time?” you are probably wondering.

As I’m sure you have heard, quantum physicists have explained that time doesn’t actually exist.

It is an illusion.

We are experiencing life in the 3D world where time seems real. 

But it isn’t.

At all.

And when you connect to the energy that is beyond time and space, which many refer to as SOURCE, then you become a sorcerer.

That is what happened to Neo during his moment of awakening in the hallway.

He stepped into his power by connecting directly with Source.

He saw the source code (numerology).

And he was able to bend the “laws of nature” in the Matrix as a Sorcerer. 

The word Sorcerer has been used incorrectly by many.

It simply means someone who is able to connect directly to Source itself and become one with it. 

While numerology is the source code, astrology is like the gears in the machine. 

Each planet is a different size and they all move in interconnected patterns, influencing each other and humanity, much like gears in a clock tower.

When you understand how these gears move, you know how “the machine” (the Matrix) works. 

Some people even think we may be living in a computer simulation. Who knows! We might be!

Fortune-telling is simply seeing glimpses through time by being able to read the source code of numerology and interpret the gears of astrology.

Through many years of study and decades of giving readings to friends, I have become a Master Sorcerer. 

I now have the ability to connect directly to Source and to easily see through time by reading the source code and by using my deep intuitive gifts. 

And something very powerful happened today...

The Universe Showed Me The REAL Reason You’re Here, My Dear...

You’re being called to step up at this time, to step into your power, to become the version of yourself that is THE ONE! 

You are being called to fulfill your ESSENTIAL mission that no one else can fill.

If you should ignore this message from the future the Universe shared with me for you…
It could have devastating repercussions not only for your own life but also for humanity as a whole.

We ALL have to do our part now, My Dear...

Every single one of us!

Especially people with essential missions like you, My Dear.

I have never seen a numerology forecast as complex and captivating as yours, My Dear...

Your mission is SO important.

For the sake of yourself and humanity, I hope that you have the courage to push through any fears you are having and claim your power before it’s too late!
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- Beth R.
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