Congratulations, [FIRSTNAME]! Your Personalized Numerology Forecast Is the Perfect First Step Toward  Creating Your Dream Life!

But... It Wasn’t Created Specifically  to Demolish the Wall Standing Between You and Your Financial Freedom

After the Immense Challenges of 2020, Financial Struggles are the #1 Problem Facing Most People Today!

I get emails every day asking me the same question…
“How Can I be Truly Happy and Living My Purpose When I’m Always Stressed Out Because I Don’t Enough Money?”

That’s Why I Created A Program Specifically Designed To Act Like a Cosmic Sledgehammer that Will DEMOLISH That Wall, Empowering You to Create Wealth In A Matter Of DAYS… Not Years [FIRSTNAME]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for quite a while, [FIRSTNAME], you already know that gratitude and appreciation of what you already have are the KEYS to abundance flowing into your life...

But... as Morpheus said in The Matrix, “there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”.

And that wall I mentioned is blocking your path, [FIRSTNAME]...
As Neo wondered, “What is the matrix?”, you are probably wondering, “What is this wall that he keeps talking about?”

For your entire life, you have been fed one lie after another by well-meaning people.

It’s NOT your fault, [FIRSTNAME]. And it’s not theirs either. As I mentioned they had the best intentions for you.
They didn’t want you to get hurt.
They didn’t want you to fail.
They didn’t want to see you reach for things that they thought you couldn’t grasp.
They were only sharing what was shared with them. And these lies have been passed down for generations.

And these lies are what created the giant wall in your subconscious mind that is blocking you from receiving your divine birthright of IMMENSE abundance, [FIRSTNAME]!

We live in a FULLY abundant universe that wants more than anything to give you as much wealth, energy, freedom, and love as you could ever imagine…

But that wall (created by those lies you’ve been fed your entire life by well-meaning people) is blocking the Universe from delivering the abundance you are destined to receive.

This is why I knew it was critical for me to create a Powerful Cosmic Sledgehammer to knock that wall down for you, quickly and easily...

I want you to take a moment and imagine what your life might look like after you use this sledgehammer to knock down your wall…

[FIRSTNAME], Imagine Your Wall GONE, DEMOLISHED, and No Longer Blocking the Universe from Delivering ALL of Your Blessings…

What Would Your Perfect Day Look Like Then?

You wake up to the sound of waves hitting the beach and the crisp scent of saltwater in the air tickles your nose.

You stretch as you get out of bed, walk over to the balcony and look out at the waves hitting the shoreline.

And you smile like a Cheshire Cat as you watch all the colorful sailboats play in the bay.

You are smirking because a year ago you couldn’t have even IMAGINED living like this!

A moment later your drop-dead gorgeous soulmate walks out onto the balcony and kisses you softly on the back of your neck.

As you check your phone while drinking a delicious smoothie, you see TONS of orders coming in and you can’t even wrap your head around how your sales keep increasing every day.

Then you see it. An email from Tony Robbins’ assistant. She says that Tony wants you to speak at his next event!

You haven’t even gotten dressed or finished your smoothie and you already have endless reasons to be filled with IMMENSE gratitude…

As you slip out of your silk robe and get dressed, you know that this is just the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL day and many more blessings will be delivered to you before it is over.

You know this because this is how ALL of your days are now, [FIRSTNAME]...
Stress - gone.
Worry - gone.
The need to hurry - gone.
You are now flowing with the Universe instead of struggling against it.

As you put on your shoes, you take a moment to express your gratitude to the Universe because one year ago, you would have been driving an hour commute to work with a bunch of mean people, doing work you can’t stand.

But now... you keep seeing your sales increase 24/7 while you travel the world with your twin flame, while only working seven hours a week.

But those seven hours don’t feel like work at ALL because you are spending them going to speaking events or being interviewed on podcasts.

Just take a deep breath and imagine how that would feel, [FIRSTNAME]

Total freedom, love that knows no bounds, and days filled with laughter and joy.

This is what the Universe WANTS you to have, [FIRSTNAME]...

And all you have to do is KNOCK DOWN THAT WALL!

Great News, [FIRSTNAME]...
You've Already Taken the First Step to Receiving ALL of the Financial Freedom & Abundant Blessings Waiting for You!

Your Personalized Numerology Forecast was created to help you...
discover your Cosmic Destiny
learn about WHO you are at the very core of your being
unveil the powerful ancient secrets of numerology that will empower you to fulfill your destiny and live the life you were born to live.
Without this knowledge, you could end up going down the wrong path in your career, your love life, or with your health.

So, I am REALLY glad you now have that in your cosmic toolbox, [FIRSTNAME].

But... when you are removing the negative subconscious programs from your mind and replacing them with positive ones, you need to remember that this process is like peeling an onion...

There are layers and layers of negative programming to smash and remove, especially regarding Wealth and Material Abundance…
Layers of disbelief that you are worthy to receive blessings…
Layers of untrue beliefs teachers taught you…
Layers of complete BS limiting beliefs that family members passed down to you...
And unless you remove them, you will only be able to receive a tiny bit of the abundance the Universe wants to give you…

There are two requirements for receiving the FULL blessings that the Universe has waiting for you, [FIRSTNAME]...
You must be fulfilling your Cosmic Destiny
You must remove the untrue limiting beliefs in your subconscious that are blocking the Universe from delivering your blessings

[FIRSTNAME], The Universe Can Finally Deliver ALL of Your BLESSINGS When You Begin Fulfilling Your Destiny & Also Remove the Wall Blocking You From Receiving Them!

Your Personalized Numerology Forecast will enable you to begin completing your Cosmic Mission.
But… to remove the wall in your subconscious that is blocking the Universe, you need my Cosmic Sledgehammer, [FIRSTNAME].
Now I want to take a moment to address something important with you…

Many spiritual people have incredibly dysfunctional beliefs about money.
Some think it is evil (it’s not - it’s a tool like everything else.)
Some believe that it is “greedy” to want money or material things (also not true).
If you are one of those people, [FIRSTNAME], please listen very carefully to what I am about to share with you…

I want you to think about using this Cosmic Sledgehammer on yourself as practice.

After you shift your life, not only can you use your wealth to make the world a better place, you can help your friends and family to receive their divine birthright as well.

No, this is not greedy. At all.

How much more of a positive impact do you think you can have on humanity and the planet if you have more financial resources?
How many people can you help?
How many hungry children can you feed?
How many animals can you save?
How many acres of rainforest can you buy to save the trees from destruction?

Now you can FULLY see that helping yourself IS truly necessary if you really want to help others...

Since we now have that out of the way, how do you destroy YOUR wall of limiting beliefs so you can help yourself, help your loved ones, and help the planet, [FIRSTNAME]?

So many people in our Numerology Forecast 2.0 Community have asked me this very same question that I knew I HAD to create something extremely powerful to help them...

So I created this powerful toolbox that I’ve been referring to as a Cosmic Sledgehammer

It is designed to do two ESSENTIAL things, [FIRSTNAME]...
Destroy and remove the wall of subconscious untrue limiting beliefs about money and material abundance that you have picked up throughout your entire life
Align your brain’s neural pathways with the frequency of material abundance

Once You Do Those Two Things, [FIRSTNAME], you can FINALLY...

Receive all the blessings the Universe has waiting for you!
Help your friends and family to receive their blessings as well!
Have a far greater positive impact on the planet, leaving a legacy for generations to come!
Fulfill your Cosmic Destiny because you will no longer be held back by limiting beliefs, lack of financial resources, or stress and worry!
This “Cosmic Sledgehammer” is called Wealth In Numbers, [FIRSTNAME]. I created it specifically for you to FINALLY remove the wall of untrue beliefs hiding in your subconscious and replace them with divine alignment to the frequency of wealth and material abundance.

Here’s What’s You’ll Receive In Your Wealth In Numbers Program...

[FIRSTNAME], when you don’t limit HOW the Universe will deliver your dream life to you, there are far more ways it can happen.

And Wealth In Numbers enables you to not only attract the money to buy what you want, but it can help you attract those things directly as well.

Let me explain how this powerfully transformative 3-week program aligns your very being with the energy of manifestation attracting unlimited abundance into your life...
This powerful tool will help you to erase every single trace of doubt and self-sabotage that’s currently preventing you from attracting unlimited financial and material abundance into your life.

You’ll dive deep into an intense exploration of your most intimate thoughts - the beliefs and thought patterns that shape your perception of who you are at the core of your being.

It will empower you with the ability to take control of your financial life in every way imaginable, including paying off bills and receiving unlimited amounts of money (even from unexpected sources) into your life.
When you embrace gratitude and appreciation for everything you currently have, being thankful for every single blessing in your life, the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance gives you even more.

This is one of the most exciting ways to draw more material blessings into your life, quickly and effortlessly.

You’ll discover how to have a magnetic money mindset, allowing you to freely spend money on whatever your heart desires without any worry about how much money you’ll have afterward.
Multiply your prosperity mindset and master the art of abundant living, just like Lori Greiner and other successful entrepreneurs.

Embrace the blessings of affluence that allow you to live a life filled with creativity, health, love, and global impact like Marianne Williamson.

With every single blessing you receive, you will magnify your ability to manifest even more financial blessings.
And… you’ll also receive a powerful bonus when you claim your Wealth In Numbers program today:

Wealth Is Easy: Your Free Guide to  Quicker, Easier Financial Prosperity.

In life, you can do things the easy way or the hard way...

The Wealth Is Easy guidebook is filled with advanced investment strategies Amber and I have used for many years to get rid of all our debt, create multiple thriving businesses that each help tons of people, and a lifestyle where we never have to check the amount in our bank accounts no matter how much we spend!

You'll also get another incredibly beautiful and empowering gift (it’s my favorite)...

Transformative Wealth Affirmations for Your 3-Week Program

Each week, you’ll also receive a bonus audio program filled with some of the most thoroughly tested and well loved affirmations for instilling a prosperous wealth mindset deep into your personality.

Language is an incredibly powerful force for rewiring your brain’s neural pathways to be in alignment with the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance, [FIRSTNAME].

With these affirmation audios, you will quickly and easily create a NEW mindset that naturally gravitates toward success and abundance… without having to do extra “homework”!

Available Today Only:
Subliminal Wealth Messages

As I mentioned earlier, being generous is one of the most powerful things you can do…

And people like and people like Oprah and Ellen prove it!

These 3 subliminal wealth audios are spread out during your 3-week Wealth In Numbers program to maximize its effectiveness.

Instead of only learning new financial abundance-building strategies… you will subliminally MASTER them, and your transformation will be quicker and easier than ever.

This Is A Limited-Time Offer Exclusively For Numerology Forecast 2.0 Members Like You!

With the level of investment and time I spent creating these transformative audio programs... I’d be willing to bet you'll agree it's worth a LOT if it delivers even one tiny change to your financial situation, right?

Once you begin removing the wall of limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering true beliefs about money and aligning your vibration with the frequency of material abundance...

You’ll start to experience not only changes to your financial future, you’ll also feel your mindset expand so you are able to fully complete your Essential Mission for this lifetime, [FIRSTNAME].

Many of our students have told us this life-transforming toolbox is worth well over $1,100 because of the river of financial blessings that are now flowing into their lives.

Blessings like...
Being contacted by a real estate agent about their dream home hitting the market before it was listed because the agent had a dream of them in the home.
A $20,000 sound healing retreat in the Maldives.
Week-long meditation retreats in the Himalayan Mountains costing over $30,000.
Invitations to teach online classes paying $2000/hour
And a personal masseuse who travels with them everywhere they go.
These are just a few of the mind-blowing blessings our students have received from the Universe in the last few weeks!
I want these blessings for you, [FIRSTNAME].

And so does the Universe.

And because it is so important for us all to be completing our cosmic missions right now, I want to make sure this powerful, life-transforming toolbox is affordable to everyone.

Because… NONE of us can afford to go down the AI timeline!

That will destroy humanity.

And although The Matrix IS my favorite movie, that is NOT the future I want for humanity.
I bet you don’t want that either, [FIRSTNAME]...

So… I'm not going to charge you $1,000.

When I finally release this program to the public very soon, I will charge only $197… even though the value of this powerful 21-day abundance growth program is easily worth $997 or more.

But because you’re a member of my Numerology Forecast 2.0 family, I want to give you an incredible deal on this life-changing program.

I’m taking 72% off the price non-members have paid and giving you a members-only discount…

But I want to make sure you understand, [FIRSTNAME], this offer is only available on this page now.
When you claim the Wealth In Numbers program right now, you’ll receive the power to magnetically attract financial blessings into your life and MAGNIFY your financial gifts, including the inside secrets that have manifested over $20,000 in a single weekend for me... and helped me transform from battered, broken, and broke to an entrepreneurial millionaire who is helping empower others like you to do the same!

All for just $44.44.


Of course, I can put a price tag on Wealth In Numbers and tell you this investment in your future is worth $44.44….

But YOU are the only one who can decide how much it’s truly worth to you!
Will you start an eBay business to cover your bills?
Will you invest in promising start-ups to create a college fund for your kids or other family members?
Will you start an eCommerce dropshipping business to pay for more massages, acupuncture, and sound healing sessions?
Will you finally write the book you’ve been thinking about for years?
Will you create a life-changing program that empowers people while the money rolls into your bank account?
Will you become a New York Times bestselling author, inspiring millions of people, and scream with delight like an excited three-year-old when you get your royalty checks in the mail?
It’s YOUR decision, [FIRSTNAME]!

And one thing I know without ANY DOUBT is that this program is worth a LOT more than $1,000…

And you will receive this today, along with TWO bonus gifts, for ONLY $44.44.

Remember, this is a special offer exclusively for Numerology Forecast 2.0 members like you.

It is Time for Your New Life Of FULL Abundance to Begin Now.

I know you’ve struggled in the past, [FIRSTNAME].

But this is the divine moment your soul chose for that to FINALLY change.

You’re about to have a dramatic and powerful shift in your life…

One that is as transformative as the moment Neo saw the code for the first time in The Matrix, [FIRSTNAME]...

You will finally be able to destroy the wall of untrue limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for your entire life...

And then when they are then replaced with empowering beliefs and divine alignment to the manifestation frequency of the Universe…

You will be able to experience the kind of magical life, full of joy, gratitude, and prosperity that is beyond your current ability to even envision right now…

Do you want to know WHY haven’t you been able to experience this type of abundance before, [FIRSTNAME]?

It’s NOT because you’re a bad person.

It’s NOT because of karma.

It’s NOT your fault AT ALL, [FIRSTNAME]!

It’s simply because you haven’t yet used this powerful Cosmic Sledgehammer to destroy and remove your limiting beliefs…

And you haven’t yet replaced them with empowering beliefs and divine alignment with the frequency of manifestation.

How can you expect to pull your dreams to you like a magnet when you have a HUGE wall blocking them from coming to you?

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a new fulfilling career path…

Or an exotic healing retreat…

Or you just want all of your bills on autopay...

Remember this is the moment your soul chose to change the course of your life.

I’m so excited to see what you chose to create and share with the world, [FIRSTNAME]

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