What if I told you that you could quantum leap into the future and become your highest self ??

The World is Waiting for You to Merge with Your Higher Self ... And After An Awful 2022 Filled With Suffering, You Are needed More Than Ever To Follow Your Divine Mission!

Isn't it time to finally break free from mediocrity and into Your god Given Purpose ??

2022 was AWFUL.

Friends and loved ones passing away...

Millions of jobs lost...

Everyone locked in their homes unable to go out and enjoy their favorite restaurants or hobbies...

And sadly, many people living in FEAR of getting sick!

But as bad as 2022 was, this year could be even worse if people like you and me don't stand up and be a leader amidst the dark cloud hanging over our nation. 

You may be wondering how you could possibly lead anyone right now, but luckily I'm here to share with you exactly how that's possible. 

I had to physically die and come back to life in order to understand this myself... but today I'd like to share it with you so you too can unlock this magical gift... 

I call it the "hidden messages" our Creator is sending us every single day but so many are not aware or trained to hear.

I know if you had mentioned this to me when I was in my early 20s, I would have thought you were insane!

But please trust me on this one, My Dear...

And allow me to introduce myself, My Dear...
My name is Arion Matthews and I grew up feeling that my entire life was in a state of chaos. When I was younger, nothing made sense -- but that was because I was letting life just happen to me. 

I truly thought that everything was completely random.

I had absolutely ZERO idea that any type of order in the Universe even existed!

Then when I was 27, I had a horrible car accident. 

I don’t even remember it. 
The last thing I do remember is driving around a curve and then….BOOM! A car smacked into my car head-on. 

I remember slamming on the breaks...then everything went black. 

The next thing I remember is waking up in the ICU three days later.

That’s when my nurse told me I had died in surgery and that they had actually done the impossible and brought me back to life.

Nothing was the same after that.
I began seeing energy -- not just feeling it..
I started seeing flashes of things that would happen in the future, like snippets of a movie.
I began getting strong intuitive hits about things.
And this really freaked me out because I didn’t know anything about metaphysics, sacred geometry, astrology, or spirituality at all! 

Something had happened to my brain. The doctors said it was a Traumatic Brain Injury that dramatically changed the way that my brain processed information forever. 

You might even say that my whole perspective shifted due to this divinely orchestrated “accident.”

Prior to my brain injury, I can sadly recall my life being a miserable mess...

I experienced...
Relationships that failed, one after the other.
Business endeavours that never succeeded.
Horrible health issues from compiled stress.
Gaining 87 extra pounds from eating “comfort food”.
And absolutely zero self-confidence.
And I felt really stuck until that fateful day when I woke up in the hospital and surprisingly didn’t feel bad…

I felt grateful.

As I looked up at the doctors and nurses surrounding me that had just helped me to have a second chance at life, I was overcome with gratitude and my eyes caught the clock -- it was 4:44 pm.

This was just the start of my awareness expanding, awakening to all of the signs, symbols, and synchronicities that had always been around me. 

You’re about to expand your consciousness, too, My Dear! The best part is that you don’t have to bump your head or almost lose your life to do it…

All you have to do is trust and believe in the sacred, ancient information I am about to share with you.

When the Universe finally forced my mind open, I became a sponge for new information.

For the first time ever, I felt passionate about something!

I was absolutely fascinated by number patterns, Fibonacci spirals in nature, and the beautiful divine order I began seeing everywhere in the world around me!

I bought every book on Sacred Geometry and Numerology I could find, My Dear!

And then I devoured every book I could find on Astrology and Tarot.

I began to see the divinity in everything -- how numerology crossed over into astrology and how astrology crossed over into tarot -- everything was all connected and ultimately guiding me towards my unique, sacred path. 

And slowly, but surely, my life began shifting as I actually trusted and followed my divine guidance.

Each and every day became more incredibly magical, often in unexpected ways…

As I Dove Deeper Into Numerology And Used It To Guide My Life, My Intuition Began To Develop Far More Deeply And Powerfully.

And so did other abilities that I had begun experiencing since my accident…
Telepathy & ESP
Healing abilities
Seeing glimpses through time
Prophetic dreams and visions
And this enabled me to combine my intuition with numerology, astrology, and tarot to truly step into my power as the powerful co-creator of the Universe that I had always been! 

As someone who had never had savings, was extremely dependent on others to make major decisions for me, and completely lost in life at one point... 

I was amazed when I truly started to harness my power and curate the life that I had only dreamed about before:
I began learning how to reinvest my money, even manifesting over a $10,000 return in cryptocurrency investments in just a few months!
My health dramatically improved as I conjured the perfect personal trainer and nutritionist that has helped me reduce my stress and improve my eating habits!
I now work from anywhere I want to in the world, teaching beautiful souls the immensely powerful forces of the universe and how to harness them!
I started being able to understand the messages that the Universe was sending through Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot -- and actually trust in the divine and myself enough to use them.

My friends soon began noticing the huge changes in my life and the immense difference in how I was showing up…

It was hard not to notice -- I was glowing from the inside out! 

When they finally got curious enough to ask what I had been doing, I told them the story I just told you…

They begged me to create intuitively-guided numerology forecasts for them as well, leading me to this exact, divinely guided moment with you, My Dear

I created them for free for a few friends, but then when word spread around, I had to start charging $199 because they took a LOT of time.

And when my friends (and their friends) received their readings, their lives also began to shift...

And daily miracles started happening for them as well!

I had discovered my calling!

Life is SO different when you trust the Universe, My Dear...

When you are able to understand the messages sent to you from your guides, angels, and ancestors that wish to see you show up as your highest self, you don’t even have to worry about whether or not you will fulfill your Cosmic Destiny…

The Universe will make sure that you DO!

When You Discover How to Interpret Intuitive Messages, You Will Actually Be Quantum Leaping Into the Future, My Dear!

I can feel in the depth of my being that you are ready for this shift…

The energies that surge through my being are fierce, unstoppable, and passionate! 

I can feel that you're tired of living a life of struggle, disorder, and chaos... 

Your soul is craving to experience a life filled with miracles, magic, and wonder…

Where you wake up and greet each and every day with joy like a bright-eyed child…

This is the way your life is supposed to be, My Dear...
Ease instead of struggle
Order instead of chaos
Peace instead of frustration
Skipping timelines by quantum leaping into the best, future version of yourself is what will enable you to finally achieve your Cosmic Destiny, My Dear... 

You see… you can know your destiny, your life mission/purpose by heeding the signs, symbolism, and synchronicities sent to you by the Universe…

These are actually pings from the Universe, signaling that you are right on track to merging into your highest being! 

BUT… if your life is out of balance and filled with chaos, then you won’t be able to recognize the patterns and divine alignments all around you. 

Instead you might keep repeating the same, tired, unfulling cycle. 

You won’t have the ability to do what you were born to do!

And as I had previously mentioned, with humanity moving into the Aquarian age now, it is ESSENTIAL that we are ALL fulfilling our Divine Destiny.

And that is why I created this powerful Numerology Forecast for you, My Dear...

Numbers don’t have a preference, My Dear

Their Universal Truth holds the EXACT same properties no matter what form the person receives them in.

This was a HUGE aha moment for me, My Dear! 

I knew that with humanity moving into the Aquarian Age that we ALL need to be fulfilling our Cosmic Destinies.

My Dear, This Powerful Numerology Forecast IS the Turning Point You (& the Rest of Humanity) Have Been Waiting For...

And Now... I’m Ready to Share It With You, My Dear!

First, you will discover your Life Path Number to reveal Your Cosmic Destiny, the sacred mission that ONLY YOU can fulfill, My Dear.

Remember that yours is an ESSENTIAL MISSION that no one else can accomplish!

You will then uncover the Major Arcana Tarot Card that is divinely connected to your Life Path Number which will go much deeper into explaining your Cosmic Destiny.

Tarot is the most symbolic divination tool that you can use to connect to the Universe and the divine path that you’re on, My Dear. The story behind your Major Arcana Tarot Card will reveal the biggest challenge that lies ahead of you.
You will also discover the true power of your Sun Sign, or your divine connection to Solar, cosmic energy. The date that you were born on is so special, My Dear. This is a sacred code in itself, unlocking planetary energies for you to harness here in the Earthly, physical realm. 

And you will uncover deep secrets about the astrological house that your Sun sign rules, revealing how your energy influences those around you.
Finally, you’ll learn how to truly predict the future through the powerful secrets of Astrological Profection Years.

When you embrace, trust, and embody the information that is waiting to be shared with you, you’ll finally understand what it feels like to quantum leap into the next level of your life -- into the future!
When you dive into this individual report, you’ll soon be empowered to navigate the various stages of your life by predicting and planning for the future! 

Soon, it will all make sense...

It will be undeniable for you to see how Sacred Geometry and Numerology reveal the patterns in the Universe to you day in and day out...

You’ll learn how to recognize these synchronicities and utilize these codes to live in harmony with the natural order of the Universe.

This will enable you to realign your energy with your divine sacred gifts and develop them, allowing you to have a powerful intuitive guidance system you can always rely on.

The information in this powerful forecast will make your life magical and miraculous, My Dear

Imagine FINALLY understanding the messages the Universe is sending you every single day.

There is no magic pill you can take that will change your life, My Dear...

But this information definitely can:
Whenever you see your individual Life Path Number, you’ll know that your spirit guides, angels, and all Universal forces are cheering you on as you charge towards fulfilling your unique soul mission!
I would never leave you ill-prepared for trials and tribulations that may lie ahead, which is why in this report I will tell you the story behind your Major Arcana Tarot Birth Card, revealing the biggest challenge that you may face ahead
You’ll realign your energy with your Astrological Sun Sign’s Solar Power, reconnecting you back to cosmic planetary forces and teaching you how to use them to your advantage!
This report will even reveal how you influence others around you by explaining your divine connection to the Astrological House of Your Sun Sign, revealing another numeric code that the Universe has been waiting to share with you!
Finally, you’ll develop a bulletproof way of predicting and preparing for the future by learning the ancient, esoteric system of Astrological Profection Years so that you can move forward on your journey with confidence that you truly are in control of your future.
This information absolutely changed my reality…

Honestly, it was quite challenging for me to put a price on this powerful information, My Dear...

I know the life-changing impact it has had on my life, my friends’ lives, and my clients’ lives.

The value it provides is priceless!

However, it is essential that as many people as possible are able to access this transformative and empowering personalized report…

So I am making sure that EVERYONE can afford to access this, My Dear!

The normal price for me to create a Personalized Numerology Forecast for you is $67…

But I’m Ready To Offer You The Opportunity To Reserve Your Reading Right Now For Only $67 $14...

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But You Shouldn’t Take My Word For It, My Dear... Here's What Others Had To Say About Their Numerology Forecast:

My Numerology Forecast helped me understand why I kept seeing repeated numbers everywhere…

Turns out, that was my Life Path Number! Now I know how I can leverage my personality to fulfill my sacred soul path!

After discovering my mission was to help people clear their personal energy fields as a Master Healer I started a business making orgone pendants and selling them online. Every time I look back on my story, I am so grateful for the moment I came across my Personalized Numerology Forecast. It truly has changed my life and my business is booming like never before. I can hardly keep up with the demand!

- Rebecca N.
“The last ten years of my life were really rough. I lost my job, my marriage, and my home all within a year -- I knew that I was destined for greater things because I was still waking up every day, but I had no clue what I was being called to do.

I was so depressed and felt hopeless…Then my Personalized Numerology Forecast revealed how I could recharge myself by connecting with the solar energy of my astrological Sun Sign. 

All those times I had looked at my birthday, I never knew that it held the secret codes that literally refueled my life. Now, I lead my life with passion by pursuing a soulful career in the arts! My life has changed completely and my life is full of miracles. I can’t thank you enough, Arion!”

- Scott L.
If this isn’t already one of the easiest decisions you’ve ever had to make in your life, I’m going to make this process even simpler.


Humanity NEEDS you to fulfill your mission, My Dear the world can’t wait any longer!


I have yet to hear any complaints about the Personalized Numerology Forecast!

Literally, I want to give you an entire year to experience the magic that your Numerology Forecast will bring to your life.

You’ll have 365 days to read every single word all about you with channeled messages directly from your future higher self.

My Dear, you literally have a FULL YEAR to quantum leap into the abundant future that you know you deserve.

If you don’t feel that it has COMPLETELY renewed and rejuvenated to work towards your Cosmic Destiny in this lifetime, you won’t have to pay a dime!

If this program just doesn’t align with the future you’re trying to create, I won’t get in your way. All you’ll need to do is send me a quick message and I will happily refund your money back, no questions asked!
I just want you to live the life you were born to live, My Dear.

A life filled with magic, miracles, and wonder.

Where you are fully understanding messages from the Universe, being gently and sweetly led to fulfill your Cosmic Destiny!

And… I know that your Numerology Forecast will empower you to do this, My Dear.

Try Your Numerology Forecast Risk-Free For 365 Days With Our “No Questions Asked” Guarantee

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You don’t have to keep living in chaos and frustration, My Dear...

It is time for you to live in the Beautiful State of Divine Flow that we are ALL meant to live in!

I want to inspire you to TAKE ACTION TODAY, My Dear .

Because for you to truly experience living a life where each day is filled with miracles, you need this powerful report that will help you to FINALLY align your energy with the harmonic flow of the Universe!

Take a moment to imagine how different your life could feel a few months from now, My Dear

Miracles Every Day, Living in Deep Connection with the Universe & Humanity, and Fulfilling Your Cosmic Destiny That ONLY YOU Can Fulfill, My Dear!

Why continue to struggle when you don’t have to?

You’ve been divinely guided to this message in this exact moment to ENSURE you that you ARE on the right path. 

All you have to do is start today... 

This one small step will empower you to fulfill your Cosmic Destiny, your Essential Mission, that will not only impact your life, My Dear...

But you’ll be a part of something so much bigger. 

Your soul came here to play a big part in humanity’s shift in the Aquarian Age, making sure we all go down the ORGANIC path, and not the AI one!

That's right... humanity’s future is counting on YOU.

YOU choose whether to fulfill your destiny -- no one else. 

What’s it going to be, My Dear?

Can you bear to live with knowing you didn’t step up at this critical time? 

Or are you ready to claim your power and do what your soul agreed to do in this lifetime?

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My Inbox Is Flooded With Stories , Will You Be Next?

My Numerology Forecast really helped me understand why people reacted to me the way that they did -- like they were always intimidated or scared of me. When I dove into my Personalized Numerology Forecast, I learned that my solar power is channeled from my Scorpio Sun Sign that rules the 8th house, activating other people’s 8th house of rebirth and transformation.

Once I discovered that, it relieved me of so many social pressures and anxieties. I learned to lean towards people who were ready to embrace this part of their journey and steer clear of those who reacted negatively to my divine power.

Now, I have stepped into my true calling as a holistic therapist. I literally get to help people transform their lives each and every day as I live in the natural flow of my divine power! It’s amazing what changes happen in your life when you learn to decode the Universe around you!

- Liz G.
“I felt like I was hitting my head on a brick wall over and over again. I was facing the same challenges no matter where I would go -- even after I moved out of state I still seemed to end up in the same mess. 

That’s until I realized that the biggest challenge I had to face in this lifetime was hidden right in front of my face within the story of my divinely connected Tarot card. The beauty of the Personalized Numerology Forecast is that it’s not just spouting a bunch of information at you, it offers solutions to your biggest challenges in life. 

I finally have confidence that when I’m being provoked that I have sacred knowledge to support me in finding my way back to my spiritual path. I now know I’m not alone on this journey! ”

- Gregg L.

There's ONLY 00:00 Minutes Left To Take Advantage Of Arion Matthews's Special Offer. Click The Button Below To Claim Your Guide To Your Divine Birthright Now...

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$67.00 Only $14*
* Special sale may end early if reservations are full. 
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