There is ONE Thing Money CAN’T Buy, [FIRSTNAME], and That is Your Health...

You can buy almost anything your heart desires when you have enough money…

But no matter how big your bank account is, you cannot buy a strong, healthy immune system, clear lungs, balanced hormones, or a healthy heart.

But health challenges can…
Stop you from having enough energy to do things you love
Prevent you from spending time with loved ones
Limit your ability to attend important events
Get in the way of doing simple daily tasks
Cause you to miss deadlines, upsetting your employer and co-workers who have to cover for you
Interfere with your ability to exercise
Make you stay home when your friends or family are going on vacation
And most importantly, keep you from completing your Essential Mission

For Decades I Struggled With Both Physical & Mental Health Challenges

As I mentioned before, I lived in a tiny village growing up.

No health food store for 100 miles. Only a tiny local grocery store with tons of processed food lining the shelves.

Deprived of healthy, nutritional foods that actually strengthened my body and brain, I (and most of the kids in my town) became overweight with acne and dull skin.

And I was always tired.

While the other kids played on the playground, I would lean up against the side of the building and read a book.

This made the bullying worse, of course.

I had no idea what it was like to be healthy, to have energy, to be happy.

I’d never experienced that. Ever.

I spent my entire childhood and most of my 20s with no idea…
What a healthy, wholefood diet was
How it felt to go a week without pain
What if felt like to be truly happy for more than a couple of hours
How it felt to have enough energy to run more than a block without feeling like I would pass out
What peacefulness and serenity were
How it felt to go to sleep not worried if my mom would wake up in time to take me to school the next day

I was completely out of touch with my body, my mind, and my spirit.

Everyone in our town went to the same (only) church.

And EVERY sermon was focused on hellfire, brimstone, and fear of eternal damnation.

The only thing I ever heard about Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, ESP, psychic abilities, meditation, and intuition was that they were a fast-track to hell.

Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth as they are divine gifts from the Universe, but I didn’t know that then.

It wasn’t until I went to college in a big city an hour away that things FINALLY began to shift for me.

During my Junior year, I signed up for a class in biology.

And I began to learn a lot more about the human body and how it worked.

A girl in my class who sat at the desk next to me decided to be my friend for some reason that I’ll never understand.

Her name was Susan and after a week of talking, she told me her dad was a chiropractor and her mom was an intuitive healer.
Of course, with my upbringing, that freaked me out a bit.

But as I got to know her and saw how happy she was and how much energy she had, I began to become less fearful and more open to what she was sharing with me.

After a few weeks, she invited me to a workshop her mom was holding on intuitive healing.

I was reluctant, but I had a crush on Susan, so I went.

And my entire world began shifting at that point.

Her dad was there too. He saw how low my energy was and invited me for a free exam and adjustment.

And… because of my crush on his daughter, I went, expecting it to be complete quackery.

But it wasn’t. It helped. My chronic pain lessened. A lot!

I still had very low energy, depression, and major “brain fog.”

It took me three times as long as other students to do my assignments because I just couldn’t focus.

Then something magical happened...

When We First Arrived, I Saw the Instructor Across the Room...

She Was RADIANT With More Enthusiasm and Energy Than Anyone I’d Ever Seen…

She Was Absolutely Stunning, But That WASN’T the Most Beautiful Thing About Her, [FIRSTNAME]...

She exuded peaceful, beautiful energy that filled the entire room.

She had FAR more energy and life force than ANYONE I’d ever met in my ENTIRE life!

And then my jaw dropped wide open when she introduced herself and said that she was 57 years old!

I was embarrassed that I was only 21 and she only looked a few years older than me! I was in shock!

All the years of eating processed food had made me look like a 35-year-old instead of a 21-year-old.

At the end of the workshop, I asked her how she looked so young.

She smiled, paused for a moment, and then began speaking gently and softly and her voice was soothing like light rain on a hot day...

“Health Happens In Your Mind First, [FIRSTNAME]. See Your Body Becoming Healthy, Energized, And Youthful.

That blew my mind, but I couldn’t deny how young she looked. And with how old I looked, I definitely didn’t have the answers!

So I became obsessed with researching visualization. And I discovered that Susan was correct!

Olympic athletes often visualize themselves exercising, creating muscle memory and causing their muscles to grow and become more toned!

I discovered that visualization and meditation are as essential to health as physical exercise…

And if you’re depressed or anxious, you definitely need them to calm your mind and create a sense of peace and tranquility.

These meditation practices were the missing keys that I had been missing for my entire life...

The keys to vibrant health, healthy levels of self-esteem, and a deep and powerful connection to Divine Intelligence that enables ALL healing on both a conscious and a subconscious level.

So I Created a Life-Transforming Program to Share These Visualization and Meditation Keys to Vibrant Health so No One Else Would Have to Suffer As I Did for the First 21 Years of My Life...

And I’m Only Moments Away From Sharing Access To It With You, [FIRSTNAME]!

I decided to call it Health In Numbers because it uses the same Vibrational Sound Technology as Numerology Forecast 2.0…

But... instead of focusing on increasing your intuitive and emotional abilities...

This targets the #1 cause of "DIS-EASE" - stress in your immune system all the way down to the cellular level, [FIRSTNAME]

This powerful program uses healing frequencies combined with guided meditations to VASTLY improve your health and energy!

This Program Rejuvenates Your Entire Being And It Even Repairs Your DNA

Yes - you can actually increase both the length and strength of your DNA, enabling you to look and feel younger and possibly even helping you live longer!

You’ll receive 21 days of a deeply healing, purifying ritual in an easy-to-use audio program.

Here’s what’s included in Health In Numbers:

You will enter a deep, meditative trance that allows you to connect deeply with all of the cells in your body and discover your current state of health and vitality.

And you’ll create a deeply healing environment using alpha waves that give you complete control over your health, mind, and body.

You will also experience a soft, relaxing state, full of purifying, healing energy to restore your vital life force.
This week, you will discover your own sensory temple within your mind.

You’ll fill yourself with powerful, healing energy that gives you the vitality and youthfulness you desire and fully deserve.

You can also target specific areas of your body that need deep healing so you can reduce chronic pain and inflammation in those areas.
You will improve both your physical and mental health to benefit both you and everyone who comes close to your energy field.

You’ll be making the lives better for everyone in your sphere as you reduce your pain, anxiety and depression.

You’ll take control of your internal energy and allow only positive feelings and thoughts to enter and manifest in your mind.

And you will discover the Goal-Focus Technique that allows you to prevent pain from entering your mind and body.

Finally, you will help extend your lifespan through DNA-boosting guided meditation.

Feel The Energy, Self-Confidence, And Radiance You Want… Without Having To Starve Yourself Or Feel Unhappy!

Good health is the key to a great life.

But... doing difficult workouts that stress you out is NOT the way to get healthy!

In fact, many people damage their health and ruin their energy levels by going on extreme diets and using draining workouts.

Instead, you can begin to feel the natural rejuvenation and purifying energy of Health In Numbers within just a few minutes.

The first thing you will notice is that it feels incredibly refreshing.

Like I Said... Money Can't Buy Good Health

But You Can Get Full Access to Health In Numbers Right Now and Begin Feeling Incredibly Young and Energized Today!

I have to be honest with you, [FIRSTNAME]

This is not a regular health program!

We’re launching Health In Numbers to a limited audience of just 500 people to start with as part of a research program.

When you get access to Health In Numbers, you’ll receive the complete 21 day program instantly.

And ALL I ask in return for giving you this limited-time offer is that you send me a short email describing your experience, [FIRSTNAME].

Specifically, I want to know how it impacts your self-confidence, happiness, energy, and youthful radiance.

If you can do that for me, I’ll let you in for just a fraction of the retail price.

And... You Will Receive Complete Access to Health In Numbers Right Now and Begin Feeling Incredibly Young and Energized Today!

For ONLY The First 500 People: Get The Entire Life-Transforming Program For Just $97 $27 Today...

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As I said, because this is part of a research program, I’m giving you an amazing deal on it.

In exchange for your 66% off discount, all I ask is that you send me a quick email to tell me about your self-confidence, energy, happiness, and youthful radiance.

And because generosity is a HUGE KEY to manifestation, I want to share a few additional gifts with you today, [FIRSTNAME]
Vibrant Affirmations Audios for Your 21-day Journey

(Free Gift Worth $67)

Olympic athletes and Shaolin Monks use guided meditation, visualization, and affirmations to align their bodies with their minds and desires.

By listening to these health affirmations during your 3-week program, you will physically change and improve your body with the power of a stress-free mind.

You can naturally trigger a powerful transformation in your body with this free bonus gift today.
Healthy & Happy

(Normally $49)

Have you ever wondered why “naturally thin people” don’t have any problem staying thin?

It’s not because of their metabolisms…

It’s because they subliminally LOVE leafy greens, salad, and other refreshing veggies!

These subliminal audios replace bad habits with a natural desire for healthy foods that keep you in shape and feeling great about your body.

You won’t believe how much you’ll crave fruits and veggies after listening to this FREE 3-week bonus program! (Retail price: $49.)

And I have one more gift for you, [FIRSTNAME]
The Breathing Code

(Usually $17 - Yours FREE!)

It’s easy to forget how important your breath is.

It provides oxygen to your brain, fuels your metabolism, refreshes your mind, and gives you the essential energy you need to blossom every day.

Instead of letting your breath “happen on its own,” you can finally take control of this essential process and use it to improve your health and happiness.

And… if you’re keeping count, that’s $142 in free gifts...

But only if you get the Health In Numbers program right now!

Here’s What People in Our Research Project Have Said About This Program So Far:

I was physically sick when I first started the program. Tons of nausea and headaches, non-stop. But from the very first session, I felt better. Now, I'm just health... I feel incredible! So much energy and focus!

- Minnie P.
I've been recommending it to my patients. A lot of them are surprised when a doctor recommends something natural instead of just shoving pills down their throat, but it works, it's effective, and it has no side effects!

- Dr. Rita J..
“The woman in my family have a lot of health problems. I've always done yoga and ate clean vegan foods, but I knew I could do something a little more. This program was the answer! I haven't felt this good since I was in high school.”

- Karen M.

AND Yes [FIRSTNAME], You Still Get A
365-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

365-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

Just because this is part of an important research program doesn’t mean you don’t get the same 365-day money-back guarantee.

All you have to do is sign up today, before our 500 spots are taken, to own this life-transforming program for just $27.

And you have 365 days to try it out, risk-free.

Your health is the most important form of abundance you have.

It gives you the power to chase your dreams, reduce your pain, and enjoy a long, happy life.

Health In Numbers has helped me personally to have TONS of energy so I can empower a LOT more people as part of my Cosmic Mission!

Just click the button below now to get started, [FIRSTNAME]...

If the 500 spots are already taken, you will be notified immediately and your purchase will be refunded instantly.

In fairness to everyone, I cannot extend this research discount beyond the first 500 participants, so please don’t miss your chance!

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